American summer or what to do in Wildwood, NJ?

American summer or what to do in Wildwood, NJ

Location: Wildwood, New Jersey
Best time to visit: from June to September
Notorious: Beach Town for Families

For sure, Wildwood is not one of the famous places for the Europeans. Have you ever heard of it? (if you have visited Wildwood, please leave a comment with your impressions). Maybe you’re wondering, why I should write a post about Wildwood? Well, for us maybe is barely known but for the Americans is not. Many people in U.S. have wonderful memories of the family reunions, summer vacations etc. There are so many interesting things in this town that can fill your days. After we spent four months there, we knew every corner of it. Here is a list of the top ten things we did with pleasure. But first, let’s play the most famous song in the town.

Американско лято или какво да правим в Уайлдууд, Ню Джърси


HAVE FUN AT Morey’s Piers Beach Front and Water Parks.

On the boardwalk, there are three piers part of the huge amusement park Morey’s Piers for extreme experiences with swimming pools, water slides, roller coasters, restaurants, etc. Time flies there, for both children and adults. You can choose between different types of tickets according to your stay. With some of the attractions, you can enjoy New Jersey from above. At sunset, the view is worth even more.

Wildwood, New JerseyGO TO THE BEACH

No matter how you like to relax, the beach is a must destination. Soft sand, well-preserved dunes. As you can see in the pictures, space is definitely more … like everything in U.S. For the first time in our lives, we saw beaches so wide. Speechless.

Wildwood, New Jesrsey

Atlantic Ocean @omtripsblog

Wildwood, NJ

Atlantic ocean @omtripsblog

Wildwood, NJ

Waves @omtripsblog

Wildwood, NJ

American beach @omtripsblog

Wildwood, New Jersey

Place for two @omtripsblog

Wildwood, New Jersey

Walk at the beach @omtripsblog


If you want to maintain your workout routine the large beaches are conducive to active sports – beach volleyball, morning meditation on the beach, swimming etc. You can also ride a bicycle, on the streets.


If you are not a beach person, Wildwood offers so many interesting places – buildings, churches, green parks. There is a surprising attention to the details in this town.

Untitled design (2)

Wildwood, New JerseyARE YOU AN EARLY BIRD?

If you visit the town in July do not miss the July morning. We celebrated the new dawn for that fist time. It’s seemed so hippie, if I was practicing yoga at the time I would definitely do a Sun salutation. But then I had only enthusiasm and Dian was super enthusiastic to stay in bed. The sun shows at 5:37 a.m. We saw something so different and beautiful.


Yes, 4th of July is a day to remember. You can sit somewhere and watch the show. It’s impressive! Well, at least so we thought. If you are not in town right for the holiday, don’t worry, you can enjoy fireworks every Friday night.

4th of July

Fireworks, New Jersey @omtripsblog


Even if you don’t like to shop you need to. Right? Only for a dollar and a half, you can catch the bus to the Rio Grande. There you will find plenty of shops. You can visit TJMaxx, Marshalls, Walmart and many more. Even with a small budget, you can get one another treasure trove.


If you want to break the routine you can visit one of my favorite places, the small bookshop that I found by accident. I was so surprised by the wide variety of genres, old editions, etc. Here’s something I took from there 🙂


In the summer, there are interesting events that bring a lot of visitors. You can check in advance Event Calendar. There are bikes shows, old cars show, for sure I will miss something so I will stop…But just take a look at these photos.

Wildwood, NJ

Just Plain Crazy, New Jersey @omtripsblog

Wildwood, NJ

Motels in Wildwood, New Jersey @omtripsblog

Wildwood, NJ

Motorshow in Wildwood, New Jersey @omtripsblog

Wildwood, NJ

Let’s ride, New Jersey @omtripsblog

Streets of Wildwood, NJ @omtripsblog

Streets of Wildwood, NJ @omtripsblog


I can assure you that these two places will please your taste: Alfe’s Restaurant and Red Oak Buffet


Last but not least, look at these lights. We didn’t have the chance to visit this one, but I can recommend it to you. Good music and great mood.

Wildwood, NJ

Restaurant, New Jersey @omtripsblog

Have you ever been in Wildwood? If not, Do you want to go there? Which is your dream destination in the U.S.? I will be very happy if you share it with me 🙂

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  1. Jub

    I’ve never been to Wildwood but wow, that looks like the perfect destination to spend four month in during the summer. That beach picture looks awesome.

    It reminds me of Antalya right now actually that beach. Massive!

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  3. Svetoslav Dimitrov

    Can you believe I lived for more than 3 months in Stone Harbor and Avalon and never made it to Wildwood? It seems like I missed tons of fun (and palatable food too).

  4. Ken Dowell

    One of my favorite things about Wildwood is the dog friendly beach. It is the only place I know of on the Jersey Shore where you can bring your dog to the beach anytime of day in the middle of summer.

    1. omtrips

      Hello, Ken! I didn’t know that! Very interesting fact and I hope the readers will find it useful! Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it 🙂

    1. omtrips

      It was a pleasure for us 🙂 Keep up the good work! Thanks for commenting and we will appreciate if you spread the word 🙂


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