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The monuments and the places carrying the past, even totally forgotten locations, have always attracted me. Many years ago, I saw Nikola Mihov’s exhibition “Forget your past” at the Red House in Sofia and Buzludzha became a must-visit place. Well, good things don’t come easily and I had to wait until this trip comе true. Buzludzha is a controversial topic but despite the negative associations, the monument…

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At Home!

Sofia-London-Lisbon-London-Sofia. At home! After having traveled over 7,000 km. on a 10-day journey, after 5 different airports, 4 flights, after some sunny and rainy days, we’re already at home! And now it’s the time for some routine work after the travel – unpacking, storytelling, memories, realizing what we’ve experienced, what we’ve passed through, what we’ve seen, and how we’ve changed. Because for sure each travel…

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16 August // Om Trip 1

(BG) 16 август // Om trip 1 The idea to create a blog came spontaneously to me on a fine summer morning while I was having my second coffee. Having made this decision, I started researching, organizing, planning… And so, little by little, I came up with the overall visual concept. I thought up a name, and then Dido and I worked on the visual…

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