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About us

We are two Bulgarians – Stanislava and Dian, or Moni and Dido as our friends call us. We’ve been traveling together since 2010 and we’ve made a long list of the amazing places we’ve visited. Om Trips Blog is the reflection of the things that we really enjoy in life.


“Hey, there! My name is Stanislava, but everybody calls me Moni. I’ve inherited the passion for traveling and my adventurous spirit from my father (at least so I think so) who has traveled a lot during his lifetime and all that gave me the desire to pursue my dreams. I was very little since I started to travel first around Bulgaria and later when I was in high school I started to get to know Europe up to now. My everyday life is filled with the things I love the most – history, culture, art, and yoga. I am a historian by education, with a Ph.D. in Contemporary History, and a project manager in the cultural field by profession. Everything new inspires me and that’s how yoga is part of my life in my everyday practice, I find something new and unknown. My role is to get the blog up and running and write the texts and develop social media accounts. You can get in touch with me via e-mail moni@omtripsblog.com or you can follow me on Instagram where I am sharing my everyday thoughts and my yoga journey. Namaste!”


“I am an open-minded person with a lot of interesting hobbies, love sports, and extreme experiences. I am an engineer with a degree in economics, but currently, I am working on various graphics and photographic projects. I love good food and I am a fan of everything beautiful. I undertook the graphic visualization of the blog and all the pictures on Om Trips Blog are taken by me.”

About the blog

We started Om Trips Blog with the intention of creating a diary of our trips around the world. We are sure that this hobby will be a real medium to meet incredible people along the way.

We will describe our trips from a different perspective showing you alternative itineraries of already good known travel destinations and places where we have been – cafes, restaurants, hotels, hostels, events, yoga studios, etc. Various rubrics will be created diversifying the theme of travel and presenting the things that engage us and stimulate us to do what we love. With all this, we would like to inspire you to follow your dreams and to find the little things in your own everyday life that make you happy. For most places, there is already a lot of information, but our philosophy is to enrich ourselves with a different point of view is always a good idea. What do you think about that? So pack your bags and get ready for the Om Trips full of yoga, beautiful photographs, culture, and tons of inspiration.

Why and how do we travel?

We’re fascinated by all new places, different cultures, and their colors. We surely believe that the opportunity to travel makes us richer. We love to meet new friends and get inspired by them. That gives us a sense of life and a different perspective which keeps us away from banal activities.

We both have full-time jobs which means that we aren’t living on the road. We are planning our travels in advance and we pay for every trip. We don’t have a travel formula for how we choose the next destination. We are listening to our hearts and what we need at this very moment so we try to make it real.


Where have we been?

Italy // Venise – 2001 (Moni’s solo trip), Triste – 2019

France // Orthez, Carcassonne, Biarritz – 2001 (Moni’s solo trip); Paris (Moni’s solo trip) – 2003; Paris – 2014; Bordeaux, Toulouse, Archachon, Dune du Pilat – 2017

Spain // San Sebastian – 2001 (Moni’s solo trip); Barcelona – 2014, 2015; Valencia – 2016; Madrid – 2017; Seville – 2018, Malaga – 2018; Zaragoza – 2019, San Sebastian – 2019, Barcelona – 2019

Turkey // Istanbul – 2002 (Moni’s solo trip); Istanbul – 2012; Edirne – 2013; Edirne – 2019

The USA // New York, Washington, DC; Philadelphia, PA; Atlantic City, NJ; Wildwood, NJ, Cape May, NJ – 2010

The UK // London – 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016

Croatia // Dubrovnik – 2013; Zagreb – 2019

Montenegro // Budva, Kotor – 2013

Germany // Berlin – 2014, Munich – 2017 (Dido’s solo trip), Nuremberg – (Dido’s solo trip) – 2019, 2020

Portugal // Lisbon, Sintra, Cabo da Roca – 2015

Macedonia // Skopje – 2017 (Moni’s solo trip), Skopje – 2018, Matka canyon – 2018

Greece // Kavala, Thessaloniki, Xanti, Komotini – 2018; Keramoti, Kavala – 2019

Serbia // Belgrade – 2018

Romania // Bucharest – 2018; Bucharest – 2019

Slovenia // Ljubljana – 2019

Belgium // Brussels – 2019

Why did we choose the name Om Trips?

What does “Om” mean? Om is a mantra or a vibration that is usually used to denote the beginning or the end of yoga sessions. It is often defined as the sound of the Universe, and its motion. Nature isn’t static, it constantly vibrates and all this is defined by a single sound – Om. By pronouncing it, we are swept along in this cosmic voyage.

What does a Trip mean? The English word trip means – “a going from one place to another; a journey”. 

OmTripsBlog is a combination that we hope will also make sense for you to travel, find meaning, be happy with what you have, and strive for continuous development.

And what about you?

But enough about us… What about you? Take a look around; make yourself at home. And don’t forget to leave a comment or contact us via every possible way – social media, or email, we will appreciate any feedback. This place wouldn’t be the same without you, yes, you, who reading this and following our journeys. Thank you!

©OmTripsBlog 2015-2022 All photographs, illustrations, graphic designs, and texts are Om Trips Blog originals and are copyrighted unless otherwise indicated (any external usage of content will be credited). Please, do the same if you use any information or picture from Om Trips Blog. Namaste! 



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