16 August // Om Trip 1

(BG) 16 август // Om trip 1

The idea to create a blog came spontaneously to me on a fine summer morning while I was having my second coffee. Having made this decision, I started researching, organizing, planning… And so, little by little, I came up with the overall visual concept. I thought up a name, and then Dido and I worked on the visual identity of the blog. So here’s the result – I’m writing my first post in the lovely and cozy spot we created. Yay!

Why did I choose exactly this date to start something new? …Well, I didn’t. But I’m happy that the blog was born under the sign of Leo. Besides, so many star-connected events happened lately – the Perseid meteor shower, for example. If we attempt to read the signs it will look like it was written in the stars to happen. Someone will say “Oh my, blah-blah!” Ok, if we put aside all the stars and the signs – it’s a carefree and warm Sunday-Funday at the end of the summer a perfect time to start a blog. Why not?

I remembered something from my childhood I’d lost in the depths of my already overly preoccupied mind and this memory is going to be the first Om Trip we take together.

My generation grew up in the days with no Internet, running wild in the streets until I heard the usual “Come home, dinner is ready”. I formed my concepts about the world mainly by reading lots of books and my imagination was constantly working. My mother always helped me with these trips of my mind by saying: “Close your eyes and think about something nice”. Only a mom can say something so simple and yet so filled with warmth and gentleness. That’s how I have started to dream about new places and horizons, first reading books and later, traveling to new places.

So it’s with this little lyrical diversion, which is a trip by itself, that I’d like to start with – a trip to the past, to the mind, to the positive. How you have started to dream about traveling and seeing new places?

You’ll find me again here. See you soon!


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