At Home!

At home, www.omtripsblog.comSofia-London-Lisbon-London-Sofia. At home! After having traveled over 7,000 km. on a 10-day journey, after 5 different airports, 4 flights, after some sunny and rainy days, we’re already at home! And now it’s the time for some routine work after the travel – unpacking, storytelling, memories, realizing what we’ve experienced, what we’ve passed through, what we’ve seen, and how we’ve changed. Because for sure each travel changes us a little.

(BG) Вкъщи! 

Our well planned “om trip” came to its end. And how did it end? With loads of laundry (three days after we came back I still have some laundry to do and I don’t know how that’s coming as we traveled only with two backpacks?…); grouping all the things we bought – the London pile and the Lisbon pile; preparing the gifts; downloading the pictures; some minutes of adaptation; downloading images from other devices; laughing at our faces and poses; answering questions like“Hmm, where was this photo taken?, and many other trivial things after the arrival. But how I love them all!

I love the empty fridge when we come back home and how we have to refill it again; I love the first sleep in our own bed; I love the first morning after and the first coffee in my Bulgarian kitchen. I love all that as much as I love going to unknown places, the wonderful views, the strange noises, the new tastes. But what I love the most is to discover the difference in me, in us, when we leave and when we come back, when we pack and when we unpack. Every time!

If only you knew how special that return was! Our flight from Lisbon to London was a few hours after the attacks in Paris on November 13th. The flight from London to Sofia was three days after. This is how one gets to realize how important each travel is. And how wonderful it is to be home again… after all this!

At home!

How do you feel when coming home after each travel? Do you have some rituals of your own? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!


  1. Download Motivation January 24, 2016 at 10:09 am

    Would like to see photographs and learn the experiences from you.

    1. Om Trips Blog January 25, 2016 at 9:37 am

      Glad you could drop by on our blog. I hope you’ll follow our travel stories. 🙂 For more, you can always check our social media accounts. 🙂


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