90 days of yoga

Namaste, dear yogis! The New Year is here and we are in the middle of the workweek. No matter how busy we are, we should not forget about the little things that make our daily lives more meaningful. For me one of these things is yoga. While preparing my agenda which is a very important part of my everyday life, I’ve decided that I need at least half an hour a day to spend on a mat. If you are thinking that I’m doing this because of the long holiday season, sorry but you are wrong. A long time ago, I’ve learned how myself on the table. If you go through all phases of the holidays and several trays of baklava (a traditional Turkish delight which is also known in Bulgaria), it’s time to go on the mat.

(BG) 90 дни йога   

I found something very appropriate and interesting and the practice which I will share with you today will engage us for three months.

Some researchers say that building a habit is taking around 66 days. Well, here we have 90! Yes, I am practicing for almost two years already, but still, I need some motivation to go on the mat.

The yoga teacher who will guide us through the 90 days is the wonderful yogi who inspired me and who you already know from here – Lesley Fightmaster. You’ll not hear from me to convince you to join, to start yoga, or how much yoga can change your life through the practice. You can decide to join me or not. If I attracted to your interest, you can always share your progress with me, write a comment, share your experience and I will be happy to reply to all.

Yoga Fix 90 is perfect for beginners and it is completely for free. As you can see, the videos have an average duration of 30 minutes, which is perfect, at least for me. One piece of advice, if the asana seems impossible for you to go to the next one. Do not push yourself hard, there is time for everything! The progress comes only with dedication and time. 

I have already finished the first video and I look forward to going to the mat tomorrow! And you?



90 days of yoga

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