6 inspirational yoga accounts on Instagram and Youtube (part 2)

Namaste, all! It’s time for yoga! But when it isn’t? After the first list of yogis who I recommended you follow on social media like YouTube and Instagram, the new six are on their way. I know that maybe this kind of list is boring but for me, it is helpful. All these incredible yogis can inspire you during the long journey. Make sure that you have a mat close to you!

(BG) 6 вдъхновяващи йога профила в Instagram и Youtube (част 2)

Ashleigh Sargent

I discovered the profile of Ashleigh Sargent while I’ve tried to improve my monkey pose (or “hanumanasana”), the well-known splits. If you are searching for some videos for practicing yoga at home my advice is to see the yoga sessions on www.gaia.com, most of them are paid, but you can see a short video, which will also help you to improve your practice. Ashleigh is a total hippie – always naked, barefoot, and smiling, with a different way of teaching (when you hear her deep voice you’ll understand what I mean) and a totally different style of presenting yoga. 


Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.


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Esther Ekhart

Esther Ekhart is an inspiring woman with an interesting life and philosophy. Born in Nigeria, raised in the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Ireland, etc., always seeking answers to the toughest questions she finds them through yoga. If you want to know more about her visit her website full of video tutorials, motivation articles, and beautifully presented information in accessible language.


Elena Brower

In the summer of 2015, a close friend of mine, a wonderful blogger and great French yogi made me a big surprise giving me the book “L’art de l ‘attention” by Elena Brower and Erica Jago, a book that deserves a separate blog post which I will prepare for you in a near future. Elena Brower leaves me speechless in many ways but she recalls in me only one word – harmony.

Rachel Brathen

Yoga gives you the confidence and strength to overcome yourself and be closer to your inner voice, to enjoy and to focus on the present moment. Yoga makes you smile. But please, take a look at Rachel Brathen an always smiling girl like real sunshine. More famous on the web under the profile name @yoga_girl, she launched thousands of great ideas. One of them is one o eight, open the site and dive into the yoga paradise 🙂


Patricia Russo

Everyone knows Patricia Russo under the name Pat Bailey and she is my personal favorite. Very active on social media, always ready to motivate, to answer, despite his busy schedule. Yoga isn’t the only superpower she has, she is writing poetry and riding a bicycle all across the world. The screens don’t stop the positive energy she is spreading and I hope that I can meet her one day. Ahhh!

Patrick Beach

Girls, hold your breath! Last but not least I would like to present to you Patrick Beach. He usually does yoga with his partner and they are a remarkable team but regarding the long list of the female yogis, I will speak only for him (sorry @carlingnicole). Patrick Beach is well known in yoga circles and on social media with his proactive yoga life. He organizes yoga teacher training and through different methods, he is exploring the full spectrum of yoga teaching. You can see more of his work here. Be sure to open and his Instagram profile and say only one thing: “Wow!”

my morning balance practice #yoga

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If the list has inspired you, please share the post and spread the word. If you are searching how to start yoga you can join the 90 days yoga. Waiting for your comments!





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