6 inspirational yoga accounts on Instagram and Youtube

Namaste, yogis!  As I’ve promised you in the ABOUT US section, besides all the travel posts I’d also like to share my favorite things about yoga with all of you. I want to present to you some enlightening people, articles, videos, etc. Today I’ll show you six Instagram and YouTube accounts that truly inspire me on my yoga journey. As I already wrote here, Instagram is my favorite social network which becomes a daily inspiration to me, and where I’ve discovered a welcoming yoga community.

(BG) 6 вдъхновяващи йога акаунта в Instagram и Youtube

Nearly two years ago yoga slowly became part of my daily life. In the beginning, everyone needs inspiration, a good example, and good advice. Apart from all the courses I’ve attended I also got a lot of information from different websites, YouTube channels, Instagram profiles, etc. Here are some accounts that I found very motivating:


Laura Sykora has so many beautiful photographs and you can see her practice yoga with her little daughter very often. So cute, right?! Two Fit Moms is the project which she developed with Masumi Goldman.

Although I’m still not in the “mothers” club, I have found so many useful tips there. Very often they organize yoga challenges. Yep, there are things like this about which I didn’t know two years ago. The first one I attended was #mermaidsdontfeardepths. I’ve never won anything, but the idea of daily yoga practice with different people from all over the world is very tempting, isn’t it 🙂


Kino is one of the famous names in yoga. An American girl who stands more often on her hands than on her feet, and her brand – the smile. Whatever I say about her, it’s not gonna be enough. A very colorful and positive yogini. On YouTubeyou can watch her free videos and recharge your batteries.


In two years, this girl achieved a miracle. I started to follow her and read her blog because she was one of the few who explained with wonderful pictures the common mistakes in yoga poses. That was a great start for a beginner yogi like me! So, thank you, Candace 😉 She also has an inspiring YouTube channel and I spent most of my days with, “You can do the same, why not?”


I found her a few months ago and she is amazing. Lesley is a yoga teacher and a great inspirator. In her opinion, yoga should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. Nice, right? She has an incredibly soft and calm voice that could relieve all the stress. The thing I like most is the final words in her yoga videos. 

“Hands to the forehead, reminding us to have clear and loving thoughts.
Hands to the heart, reminding us to have clear and loving intentions.
Hands to the mouth, reminding us to have clear and loving communications.”

If you want to practice with her, click here.


I know Erin Motz from a 30-day challenge which I found through the yoga site www.doyouyoga.com. A wonderful young person, kind and radiant, with many creative ideas. The good news is she moved to France, so I’m looking forward to hearing about her new projects. Maybe, finally, I can attend a dream yoga retreat?! Who knows? You can follow her with the hashtag #badyogi.


It’s Wednesday!!! New Video uploads tonight! Per your request – YOGA TO START YOUR DAY! This delicious morning sequence invites you to start each day off with mindfulness and intention. I love this practice!!! The physical benefits, the energetic benefits and the fact that it invites the kind of awareness in that totally sets you up for an awesome day – or even a meditation practice. Great for both beginners and those wanting to go a little deeper. This video gives you a little taste of what RISE, our 7 – Day Morning Yoga program, is all about! Yay! Free yoga and creative yoga projects make me feel good. SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss a thang! ✨💪🏽🌻SET YOURSELF UP FOR GREATNESS!

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Adriene is an artistic, smiling yogi with a quite different approach to the practice. Always ready to joke, her sessions are a must. You can always learn something from her, so do not hesitate to get to know her work here.

Do you feel inspired by this post? Which of the six yogis you like the most? I’ll be happy to see your comments below 🙂

Om, Om,
See you soon!




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  4. Diana Mieczan October 14, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    They all sound awesome. I will check them out. Thanks and have a lovely day.

    1. omtrips October 14, 2015 at 3:05 pm

      Thank you for stopping by 😉 I’m happy you liked the article 🙂 They’re all real inspiration <3 Enjoy! <3


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