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September. In my mind, this time of the year is calm, peaceful, nostalgic and romantic.

At the end of our stay in the States, everything began to color in different shades. We had plenty of time to relax, to get some rest after the endless shifts, and to concentrate on planning our trips. We enjoyed going to the beach, walking around Wildwood and saying goodbye with friends of ours who we’ve met over the past months. The moment of gathering our luggage has come. Besides the material things, we have also collected so many memories and we’ve learned so many lessons.
We returned to Bulgaria thirsty for adventures and trips thinking about what the future has to offer. We went back to the other side of the ocean recharged and believing that it is our responsibility for how we see the world.
We can enjoy the life roller coaster when we overcome the routine. In fact, the big suitcases allowed us never to unpack it and be ready for the next adventure.
September brings me all this at the same time – calmness and urge; ocean waves and mountain heights; nostalgia for the past but thirsty for something new. And above all, romance because love is the basis of everything.

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om trips 2,

om trips 2


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