Why do I choose to visit yoga retreat over Christmas and New Year?

Last year for the first time since I started practicing yoga I visited a yoga retreat. It was organized by two super cute girls from Bulgaria and it took place in Apriltsi, a mountain Bulgarian village. The yoga retreat was in December and I did not miss the sun rays and the beaches that everybody associates with the retreats, I did not miss the exotic destination either. Here are some reasons why you should consider a winter yoga retreat and choose exactly the Christmas and New Year period for a yoga trip.

 BG (Защо да посетите йога ритрийт около Коледа и Нова година)

Time for real relaxation

During the winter season, everything is happening so slow and calm, although as the last month of the year, December can be filled with a certain amount of tension and expectations. We often have to complete a lot of tasks and a long Christmas gifts’lists, etc. These are just a small part of the reasons why we must choose exactly December for a yoga retreat and give ourselves some precious time.

Pay attention to your body

Sometimes paying attention to our body during the winter months is a real challenge. But it is so important to strengthen our immunity, to relax the muscles that are not used because of the cold, and to relax our stiff mind, too is a real pleasure. We deserve that at the end of the year when we need to calm our monkey mind.

See yourself from a different perspective

It is good at the end of the year to stop and focus on the things we have achieved for the last 12 months. But don’t be too critical. It is especially helpful to smile at all past events and to make space for all new in front of us.

Trinity Retreat House, Apriltsi, Bulgaria @omtripsblog

Recharge yourself

If you don’t take care of ourselves no one would do that. We are the only responsible for our well being. That’s why we can choose the time around Christmas and New Year’s Eve to boost our energy level up. The Yoga Retreats are a wonderful way to relax before the holiday madness takes over everything and everyone.

Right down your intentions for the next year

During the retreat, we often have time and privacy to clear up our minds and draw a picture for next year. Besides the yoga practices, there are often other activities that help us make a vision board for our expectations, dreams, and desires. So, do not hesitate and embark on one of your last journeys for the year with an open heart and smile on your face. Namaste!

Why do I choose to visit yoga retreat over Christmas and New Year?

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