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Making a plan for my upcoming trip is one of the things that I have a love-hate relationship with. Of course, I like to just go mindlessly on the Internet, went from one travel website to another compiling all the needed information, but after some particular point, it can get tiring and confusing! I found my limit every time I come across ambiguous information or contradictory information from one site to another. Luckily, among my journey of going through heaps of information to plan my holiday, I came through INSIDR.co. I can find any information that I need in one website! If you haven’t known it yet, INSIDR is a friendly start-up based in Paris, with an objective to help travelers to get their best traveling experiences across Europe.

Explore Paris with INSIDR

One of the articles that I found interesting is about the best shows in Paris. From cabaret shows at the Moulin Rouge to comedy shows in English, it seems like in Paris there’s truly something for everyone. It was also cool to read about some of the amazing venues that the city has. I like how the article not only introduced some of the best shows in the city but they also included the surrounding restaurants and bars, and also other things that you can do to enjoy the night in the French capital. You should definitely check out their guide if you’re planning a trip to Paris soon!

Moulin Rouge Insidr

If you are a first-time traveler to Paris, of course, you will want to visit the most famous landmarks of Paris, like Eiffel Tower or The Louvre. As it is indeed the main attraction of the city, these places always full of people all year around. That’s why you need to plan your trip meticulously. And you will prevent yourself from wasting your holiday time by standing in line. You should check out their article that gave us a very detailed picture of what to expect when we visit The Louvre, how to choose the best time possible to visit, and they even gave use choices of the best entrance to go through with the least visitor so that we can avoid a too long line.

Eiffel Insidr

Louvre Insidr

You can’t mention France without mentioning their foods! As the capital of the aforementioned country, you can easily find the best French food possible in Paris. You aren’t afraid of a little gastronomy adventure, right? Then you should try some of the more challenging French specialty. Paris has all the best places to get some escargot and oysters; it certainly is interesting to try! Of course, you couldn’t miss trying the sweet goodness of French delicacy. Who would say no to one or a dozen of macarons? You could also get various flavors of crêpes as you would like; be it sweet or savory, you will find it all here. French will never go out of pastries to choose. And Paris has some of the best pastries you can get, obviously. You can even learn to make your own macarons at the macarons class offered by Galeries Lafayette!

escargot Insidr

After Paris, the whole of France is waiting for you

Even though they based in Paris, INSIDR has a lot more stories to offer beyond it, be it another region in France or another European city. But, as I am doing my own research about France, so this time I was focusing on fascinating things in France. Loire Valley, which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list, is one of the regions in France that always intrigued me. How could it not? With all the beautiful castle and classic captivating architecture all around, I could easily spend my whole week just walking around discovering the area!

You could start from Amboise, a beautiful little village with their medieval castle. At Chapel of Saint-Hubert here, you can find the tomb of Leonardo da Vinci. Cheverny is another little village with a magnificent castle, Château de Cheverny. To the eastern part of Loire Valley, you can visit Tours, with their amazing castles and historical buildings, and also a great place to do wine and cheese tasting. Blois, the capital of this region, also has a lot of things to see, like the Blois Cathedral, and you can try many authentic local foods here. This must have been a nice change after spending several days in a big city like Paris.

Pictures are kindly provided by INSIDR.

Chateau royal d'amboise Insidr

Blois Loire Valley Insidr


Explore paris with insidr

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