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My understanding of social media is different. I put much more effort to be social, making real connections, to “follow” someone not because of the numbers but because of the real meaning of the word which is “pay close attention to”. That’s how slowly I gain more friends, I start real conversations, and no matter the distance I feel the energy of the person behind the screen. The power of honest connection is priceless.

 BG (На гости на… Кристъл Лин (Албакърки, Ню Мексико)

The rubric “On a visit to…” was created because of all this. I don’t want to keep all the amazing people I know only for myself. I want to talk about them, I want to show what they do, I want to offer the best examples, I want to motivate, I want to inspire. We must talk more often about real things, don’t you think?

I am presenting to you at the same time a dose of travel and a touching personal story. And that’s why these interviews have already great history and the list is getting longer and longer. Every “om conversation” is very special to me because I have a real passion for presenting the incredible people crossing my path believing that nothing is accidental in the universe.

I want to share an awesome story with you. This comes from Krystal Lynn, a yoga teacher, a mother, and an unbelievable shining star on Instagram where I met her at the very beginning of my yoga journey. Because I believe that what we do matters the most she will share her thoughts about her wonderful project With Love Abq (Facebook) giving us some tips on how to live a happy and calm life…And all this while having a walk-in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Yes, the famous place part of Route 66, hosting the largest hot air balloon event in the States, also known with the longboards, and …yes, Albuquerque where Breaking Bad was filmed.

How do you imagine the perfect “om trip”?

My ideal OM trip would be surrounded by the uplifting energy of women in a place deep in nature- be it a forest, jungle, or natural waterfront space. We would spend our days connecting with adventure, eating delicious plant-based meals, reveling in the magnificence of life, and sharing intimate and vulnerable conversations that would bond us all on a deep level.

Is it possible to take an “om trip” to Albuquerque, NM?

Absolutely! Albuquerque is a location that inhabits such character, quirkiness, and culture. We are so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful mountainscapes and the people are some of the kindest you will ever meet!

Three things which we have to take with us while traveling to this part of the world.

Sunscreen, Tums, and hiking boots! New Mexico is so vast and beautiful, so you definitely want to explore it but likewise, we see 310 days of sunshine and the desert sun can be intense!

How to look like the locals?

In Albuquerque we keep it super chill, the dress code is simply jeans and a t-shirt, and Birkenstocks….. if you add a single piece of turquoise and a smile – you’ll look like a native!

What should we try when we’re there?

Green or red chile ANYTHING! especially a green chile breakfast burrito… it’s a MUST!

Where would you take us for a cup of coffee/or tea?

We have so many awesome coffee shops in Albuquerque it’s hard to land on just one. But if I had to it would be Villa Mirriam Roasting. This fresh-feeling coffee shop captures a certain vibe of the new generation that is so lively and exciting.

The place you’d like to share with us.

There are TWO

Albuquerque is turning into quite the mini Portland with all of the awesome breweries that have popped up over the past 5 years. A brewery hop would definitely need to take place otherwise you wouldn’t have soaked up the full Albuquerque scene.

Secondly, La Luz Trail. The most beautiful views of the city can be caught from the route of this scenic trail found in the Sandia Mountains. This 4-6 hour hike offers so much to be enjoyed. And the view from the top? Well, you’d have to see it for yourself.

Which book do you think will be most suitable for our trip to Albuquerque?

You Are A Badass written By Jen Sincero who lives in New Mexico

When did you start practicing yoga? What did you find more tempting in this practice at the very beginning?

I started practicing yoga over 8 years ago on DVD and online videos in my apartment living room. The practice from the very first breath of it has always felt “known” and familiar…. like coming home.

Can we practice yoga outdoors?

Yes! And in fact, that is the very place I would suggest you take your practice outdoors. There are tons of beautiful wineries, parks, and rooftops!

With Love ABQ, Albuquerque, New Mexico @omtripsblog

You have your own project now. You combine yoga classes, healthy recipes, and some aroma products. How did you decide to take this step forward? Is this teamwork or your own idea? Tell us a little bit more about the conception.

I do! The conception began from a desire to offer more of myself to my community and to the planet. I loved my previous job but I felt a calling to be of deeper service and contribution. The profoundness of yoga changed my life and I have the mandate to share what I’ve learned with many people who care to experience it. The decision came from exactly that… THE DECISION. Once I decided the action would take on a form of its own. Everything you see executed from my biz is done entirely by myself. Minus the beautiful photography which is all taken by my talented sister.

Where do you find inspiration?

In Nature, in moments of stillness, and in times of deep struggle.

Do you practice yoga while you travel? Tell us about your healthy routines on the road.

Movement is a MUST on vacation. I sometimes enjoy checking out local studios or beach yoga classes while away but I don’t always practice when traveling and in fact sometimes I use a vacation to take time away from my physical yoga practice. Instead, I might take to exploring a new place on foot (running), swimming in the sea, or simply meditating.

With Love ABQ, Albuquerque, New Mexico @omtripsblog

Can you share your recipe for happiness?

Release. Release of insecurity, the release of fear, the release of self-doubt, the release of worry.

Where should we go after visiting Albuquerque?

Santa Fe! Santa Fe is the State Capitol known for its architecture, creative art scene, and holistic wellness.







Who is Krystal Lynn?

I am a 200hr RYT and New Mexican native with a hearty appetite for adventure and a passion for unifying and inspiring people to live healthy, joyful, peace-filled lives using the practice and principles of yoga. My teaching style is a replica from which my own yoga practice stems- a place of creativity, joyful expression, and liberation. My teachings can range from a dynamic vinyasa flow accessing inner and outer strength, to a meditative yin practice, cultivating inner silence and awareness. I always commit to leaving my students feeling alive in their bodies and calm in their minds.

P.S. All pictures are kindly provided by Krystal Lynn.







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  21. Jubilee Meyer August 2, 2018 at 7:03 am

    Loved reading this! I absolutely love yoga, so really appreciated hearing her thoughts on yoga while on the road. I’m going on a cruise this month and definitely plan on practicing!

  22. Serena Millet August 1, 2018 at 1:24 am

    These photos are great! I’ve never been to New Mexico before but it would be so Amazing to take an “Om trip” there!


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