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As much as Washington may seem boring to its citizens and as many negative traits it might have as the administrative capital of the USA, the city still attracts a lot of tourists each year. It attracted us, too. It’s true that we remained only in the city center and it’s also true that we succeeded to see only the main tourist sights, but, however, Washington did not disappoint us at all. On the contrary – we were impressed by the order, the architecture, the greenery, and the calmness despite the numerous tourists.

(BG) На разходка във Вашингтон

Our only disappointment was that we traveled for the first time with an organized tourist group led by a totally inexpert Polish guide. After that, we decided that we can’t endure being in groups with other tourists ever again. Having in mind my organizational abilities and Dido’s ability to find the best travel offers we’ve decided from now on to organize our trips on our own.

Just like Philadelphia, Washington is one of the cities in which you can stay no more than a couple of days maximum. At least it was so for us. In a previous post, I presented the museums we visited during our one-day trip. Today I decided to show you an itinerary for a one-day stay in Washington.

Take a walk with us. Here’s the path we took:

Wandering leisurely on the streets of Washington during a nice summer day we reached the main park where you can find all the famous places. They follow one after the other, and you can’t get confused – they’re so close to each other. Here’s what we saw through the lens of our camera:

United States Capitol

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

National Mall

White House

Reflecting Pool

Second World War Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Museums in Washington, DC

We had the chance to visit many museums as part of the Smithsonian Institute. Read more about our experience here 

In order to show you how close to each other these sights are shown in Hollywood productions, pictures, encyclopedias, etc. I’ve prepared the usual map for you.

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