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Some people brighten the room when they enter it. The next guest on the blog is exactly that kind of person. Today we are talking with Raflin who has that life sparkle that is contagious. She is always full of energy and positivism, with a wise approach to things. I have had the chance to know her for a very long time and I am so happy that she will guide us on the streets of Bucharest where there is always something interesting to discover. Because there are places you want to come back to over and over again. And the Romanian capital is exactly that kind of city. 

How do you imagine the perfect “om trip”?

My idea for an om trip includes sun, long walks, local food, cocktails & wine, museums & galleries and I usually check if there are any events (a concert or a play) to attend. Since I started practicing yoga, I have also checked if there is a hot yoga studio in the city I’ll be visiting.

Is it possible to take an “om trip” to Bucharest?

The more I discover Bucharest, the more I get to love its vibe. Learning to find the “om” moments in the heavy traffic, decadent streets and the busy life of the capital has inspired me to look for the hidden gems in the city underneath the obvious post-communist layer of the urban landscape.

A special place in Bucharest you’d like to share with us.

I think my favorite place in Bucharest is the Armenian cathedral, near University square. As an Armenian, I always look for an Apostolic church to go to when I arrive in a new place and our cathedral in Bucharest is just beautiful. I love going to the Sunday Divine liturgy and just observing the rituals, listening to the chants, praying, and recharging my spirit.

Bucharest, Romania

What should we try when we’re in Bucharest?

You have to try Papanași – Romanian cheese donuts. It tastes better than it sounds! I think it’s the best thing about Romanian cuisine, even for someone who doesn’t like desserts like me.

Where would you take us for a cup of coffee/or tea?

I will take you to Origo. You can try coffee from all over the world and also great tea and lemonades.

We can’t travel around without stopping by some galleries and museums. Tell us which are your favorites ones.

You can visit the Art Museum Zambaccian, it’s small and vintage and located in a beautiful house with a nice garden.  You can find paintings from Romanian artists as well as famous 20th-century impressionists such as Cezanne and Picasso. Then, of course, you can also go to the Contemporary Art Museum and visit the terrasse on the top and have a drink a panoramic view over Bucharest.

When and why did you start practicing yoga? What did you find more tempting in the very beginning?

I have been on and off for years, but I consider my yoga practice began in June 2019. I had just arrived in Bucharest and I was going through a very troubling time emotionally speaking. Have a need to find a routine and I stumbled upon (literally) Power Yoga Romania. I fell in love with the practice and the power of vinyasa flow right away. The most tempting part was the desire to learn to go through this very challenging and HOT flow with the strength and grace of the body and mind.

What is more (and what is my favorite part of Baptiste yoga) is the authenticity of the teaching. It’s not dressed in flowery sentences and mysticism, the teacher doesn’t speak in Sanskrit, it’s authentic and it’s present. Here and now.

Where would you take us for a yoga practice in Bucharest?

It depends on what you are looking for – I, of course, recommend PYR, and maybe by the time you visit, I’ll be teaching there as well. I have also been to Anahata which is an Ashtanga yoga studio and I loved it as well. I think the yoga scene in Bucharest is very diverse and I think you should try a few studios and find the one that resonates with what you are looking for at this particular moment.

Where can we practice yoga outdoors?

There are many parks in Bucharest where you can practice outdoors and probably you can find organized classes as well. However, the Romanian climate is quite rough, it gets burning hot in summer and freezing cold in winter, so the moments that allow an outdoor practice with a comfortable temperature are quite limited.

You travel a lot. Do you practice yoga while traveling? Tell us about your healthy routines on the road.

I can’t always manage to practice by myself so I prefer looking for a studio where I can drop by for practice. I always carry a reusable water bottle and make sure I stay hydrated no matter where I go. And I try to walk a lot. However, the foodie that I am, I always indulge in local food when traveling.

Besides yoga where else do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in literature. I love reading so if you have some titles to recommend, please send them over!

What makes you happy here and now? Tell us about your recipe for happiness.

What makes me happy is that I am here and now. Five years ago, I would have never expected my path to unfold the way it did – my journey has been perfectly imperfect and that’s fine. We are exactly where we are supposed to be.

Where should we go after visiting Bucharest?

Well, to Plovdiv, of course, 😀 If you want to stay a little bit more in Romania, you can head towards Sinaia, Sibiu, Brasov, or Cascada Tamina

raflin sarkisyan bucharest romania


Who is Raflin?


Hi All! My name is Raflin, I’m 26 years old and I currently live in Bucharest. Originally from Plovdiv, I also lived in Nice for 8 years before relocating here one year ago. I work in the domain of marketing and advertising. I am soon to begin my Baptiste yoga teacher training and I am really excited to be taking another step on my yoga path.



P.S. The pictures are kindly provided by Raflin!



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