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Berlin Yoga Conference – an inspiring event is just around the corner

After our short but super fruitful visit to Berlin last week I can’t wait any more minute to spread the news about the Berlin Yoga Conference which will take place in the German capital next year.  When I’ve first got the e-mail from Anastasia Shevchenko with a partnership proposal I was surprised. Do you know why? Because of the timing. This proposal came at the same…

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6 ways to maintain your yoga practice while traveling

Contents 1 Breathing and Meditation practice during the flight 2 Create your own yoga place 3 Use YouTube or mobile yoga apps 4 Check out local yoga studios 5 Find new ways to practice 6 Enjoy the moment Yoga and travel are the best combinations we can dream of. Travel gives us new horizons, challenges us, teaches us new things, connecting us with new people….

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108 Sun Salutations

I have started practicing yoga, the first asana sequence I’ve learned was the Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara. Surya means Sun, Namaskara – salutation. The asanas aren’t only the positions of the body, they are far beyond that. We can’t explore them like separate poses and must dig deeper. For instance, how we arrange them in sequence brings different benefits for the body and mind….

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