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On a visit to… Katie aka The Travelling light (Brisbane, Australia)

Through this interview, we are travelling to the other part of the world chasing the light. The light that speaks for itself. The magical light. The travelling light. Katie McKnoulty is our guide for the Brisbane chapter part of the rubric On a visit to… . She will enchant us with her wonderful stories and photographs. She will make us feel cozy and welcomed in a…

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How to claim compensation for cancelled or delayed flight?

If you travel often like us, maybe you’re familiar with the following scenario. You get the plane ticket and start to plan your future vacation, the big day arrives but something goes wrong and the company cancels your flight due to unforeseen circumstances. Your vacation is starting terrible and it can be ruined. Or you have a week full of business plans and meetings, but…

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On a visit to…Konstantina aka Redhead Explorer (Wellington, New Zealand)

I was thinking a lot about how to start this interview. If we wanted to write a fairy tale, maybe it would start with this sentence. In a land far, far away lies a peaceful place filled with magic. ✈️😚 #newzealand #oceania #endoftheworld — Om Trips Blog (@omtripsblog) September 13, 2018 But since we are offering you just an interview with real people, stories, and…

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