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Advice from the yoga teachers: How to travel mindfully?

My yoga practice met me with wonderful people with whom we share common interests and passions. That’s why, today, I chose the most charming yoga instructors from Bulgaria to share their own traveling experience. I asked them to advise us on how to travel mindfully and that’s what they answered: BG (Йога инструкторите съветват: Как да пътуваме осъзнато?) Ekaterina Kioseva from In my opinion,…

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American summer or what to do in Wildwood, NJ?

For sure, Wildwood is not one of the famous places for the Europeans. Have you ever heard of it? (if you have visited Wildwood, please leave a comment with your impressions). Maybe you’re wondering, why I should write a post about Wildwood? Well, for us maybe is barely known but for the Americans is not. Many people in the U.S. have wonderful memories of the…

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