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Great locations for summer travel in Bulgaria

The summer dreams whisper in its simplicity – silence, good food and vitamin D. We have some great locations for summer travel in Bulgaria.  The southern Black Sea coast hides its magical places with virgin nature and the scent of pine and sea at the same time. All that makes the landscape looks charming. On the Black Sea, we’re going to get away from the…

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Active Yoga Escapes – adventure of a lifetime

A few days ago a friend of mine asked me what the connection between travel and yoga is. Are you asking yourself the same thing? If the answer is positive keep on reading and I will try my best to figure it out for you. The yoga and travel are all about the road, not the destination; they are about knowledge; about moving around consciously…

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The monuments and the places carrying the past, even totally forgotten locations, have always attracted me. Many years ago, I saw Nikola Mihov’s exhibition “Forget your past” at the Red House in Sofia and Buzludzha became a must-visit place. Well, good things don’t come easily and I had to wait until this trip comе true. Buzludzha is a controversial topic but despite the negative associations, the monument…

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