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On a visit to… Raflin Sarkisyan (Bucharest, Romania)

Other posts from the On a visit to.. series: On a visit to… Katie aka The travelling light, Brisbane (Australia) On a visit to… Marie-Louise Moutafchieva (Toronto, Canada) On a visit to… Ali Kamenova LA (California, USA) Some people brighten the room when they enter it. The next guest on the blog is exactly that kind of person. Today we are talking with Raflin who…

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Tips for traveling with a CPAP

A guide for travelers with sleep apnea As travelers, we know how important it is to stay safe and healthy on the road. We also know how terrible it is when some medical conditions ruin the holiday. We have to be prepared and have good travel insurance while being on the road so we can fully enjoy our holiday trip far for any bad surprises….

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