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Berlin Yoga Conference – a dream come true

The first edition of the Berlin Yoga Conference is over. It looks like the whole Universe was with you – the weather was great, many people were there, your family supported you the whole time. But how do you really feel? Maybe you have mixed feelings?  From the photos, the event looks amazing, and it certainly was, but there are a few corrections to make:…

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Berlin Yoga Conference – an inspiring event is just around the corner

After our short but super fruitful visit to Berlin last week I can’t wait any more minute to spread the news about the Berlin Yoga Conference which will take place in the German capital next year.  When I’ve first got the e-mail from Anastasia Shevchenko with a partnership proposal I was surprised. Do you know why? Because of the timing. This proposal came at the same…

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Тhe first ten

I am blogging for over a year but as you probably see I don’t spend enough time on posting. One of the reasons is that I don’t want to take myself too seriously about blogging, I just want to go with the flow writing my personal stories and impressions. I prefer baby steps, with no agenda, no disappointments. This will be the best way for…

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