Association of the owners of tourist online media (ASTOM)

Dear all, today we’re proud to announce you that our blog is already a member of the Association of the owners of tourist online media (ASTOM). We recognize the mission of the organization because of the similar aims that we have. We are sure that this initiative will become very popular and successful in the next few months and the reason of that are so many.

On the one hand, the idea is already shaped and realized which is the most important step to proceed forward with some great ideas. Every beginning is the hardest part of the process, right? Gathering the travel bloggers from Bulgaria and creating a network years ago seemed to be a dream project and no one imagined that such an association could become a reality. The things have changed and blogging in our country is flourishing lately. ASTOM is already a fact and today we’re part of it.

(BG) Асоциацията на собствениците на туристически онлайн медии (АСТОМ)

Second, the mission of every blog is to create a network of people with common interests. Mainly, we’re writing to help each other, to share some experience and to give tips. We’re all united by the love of traveling, writing, and sharing. And if you are wondering why I’m talking so enthusiastically about all this … it can’t be otherwise. Just look at the list of people and blogs members. In the links below you can find great tips when you’re on the road, the inspiring photographs that keeping you travel more and you even can see that some of the bloggers are professional tourist guides:

Друми в Думи


Travelling Buzz

Here you can see the whole list of travel bloggers part of the Association. Everyone can find something for itself regarding the interests and different ways of traveling.

Last but not least, here we are! Yey!


If you would like to become a member you can follow the link where you can receive the needed information.

Follow us, amazing things are about to happen. Read, comment, share!
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