On a visit to…Karl-Heinz Limberg (Dusseldorf, Germany)

January is already behind our backs and we strive for traveling. And what about you? Did you already have the chance to travel or you have plans waiting to be realized? For us, January passed planning our year ahead and getting in touch with interesting people having the traveling bug like us.

The meetings that we had recently led us to today interview. And that’s why, together with you, we will discover the streets of Düsseldorf, the center of the advertising and fashion industry and one of Germany’s major telecommunication hub. As first timers, we are in an enthusiastic mood not only because Düsseldorf looks like a remarkable city but also because we found an amazing local guide. His name is Karl-Heinz Limberg and he is the face behind the blog KHL lifestyle. Having many interesting stories to tell, his blog is energizing breath of fresh air among all the information on the web with a pinch of yoga, lifestyle, and travel.

You can follow him on Facebook or Instagram where he has lovely pictures and thoughts shared with the audience.

Ready or not, let’s do this walk!

On a visit to...Karl-Heinz Limberg (Dusseldorf, Germany), www.omtripsblog.com


Can we have an OM TRIP to Düsseldorf or is it impossible?

Of course, you can! Düsseldorf has a few nice parks where you can practice yoga outdoor. Apart from that, it is a neat city with 600,000 inhabitants right on the famous Rhine River. It has a very interesting mix of architecture with quite old and brand new buildings. And it is one of Germany’s most dynamic cities.

Three things which we absolutely have to take with us to Düsseldorf in our luggage?

Definitely an umbrella ;-). Gear for some outdoor yoga. Cool sunglasses (yes, we have a few sunny days ;-)).

How to look like locals?

Düsseldorf is fashion city. However, it depends where you go. For downtown, I recommend a cool casual street style. You still can meet many hipster guys with tight jeans, sneakers (barefoot also in winter) and trendy coats.

What should we absolutely try when we’re in Düsseldorf?

If you like beer, taste the local “Alt” (a dark one). There are a few breweries such as „Schumacher“ on Oststrasse and „Frankenheim“ in the old city. They serve local dishes which are pretty heavy (lots of sausages and stuff like pork knuckles – not really my thing ;-)).

If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss to have a look at pastry shops such as Heinemann (close to the Schadow-Arkaden). Their chocolate truffles are to die for!

On a visit to...Karl-Heinz Limberg (Dusseldorf, Germany), www.omtripsblog.com

Not sure if the following one fits here and if you wish to use it at all: On a clear day, go up to the Rheinturm (Rhine Tower) and enjoy the view from 180 m. From there you should walk to the Medienhafen – a new area close to the river with many very cool buildings (some of them designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry). Stroll through the “Hofgarten” park up to the Rhine River and enjoy some fresh air in a city.

We can’t do without stopping by some galleries and museums. Show us some of your favorites?

Düsseldorf is definitely a great place for galleries and museums (and always competing with the neighboring city of Cologne)! In the Carlstadt, the elegant and quiet part of old Düsseldorf, you will find many nice small galleries, just have a stroll and explore for yourself. If you are into modern art, the three museums K20, K21 and F3 are a must. If time is limited, just pick K21, my favorite. A beautiful historic palace downtown, in the middle of a park with a little lake. A very modern interior with a glass roof and a beautiful bar. And you can admire the art of internationally known artists.

Do you love movies? Then visit the little interactive Filmmuseum in the old town, close to the Rhine River – located in a striking purple building.

A very special place is KIT (“Kunst im Tunnel“) – an underground museum just next to the Rhine River (and a lovely in- and outdoor café) with pieces of young avant-garde artists. Have fun!

Where would you take us to have a cup of coffee?

On a visit to...Karl-Heinz Limberg (Dusseldorf, Germany), www.omtripsblog.com



My favorite coffee place is “Espresso Perfetto” on Friedrichstrasse, close to the famous Königsallee. Small, very casual, excellent coffee and nice snacks. In summer, don’t miss to sip an espresso or cappuccino on Königsallee for people watching. My favorite place there is Tino’s – a bit “chichi” but
nice and quiet to sit outside.



Where would you take us to a yoga practice? Where can we practice yoga outdoors?

On a visit to...Karl-Heinz Limberg (Dusseldorf, Germany), www.omtripsblog.com

I can definitely recommend the lovely park of Benrath Castle in the South of the city, just a 5-minute train drive away. I practiced there myself … awesome! There are, of course, also great studios such as Karmakarma on Herzogstrasse. A nice studio in a beautiful old building close to downtown.


Do you practice yoga while you travel? Can you give some advice to our readers?

I try! After getting up in the morning, I usually open the window and do some breathing exercises – in particular when I am at a beach resort. Nothing better to start the day! Also, there are a few „asanas“ which you can do in every hotel room – such as the „Tree“, the „Cobra“, the „Dancer“ and, of course, the Sun Salutation. I love to do these ones in order to improve my overall balance.

Which book should we take with us for our trip to Germany?

Maybe something of Heinrich Heine? He was a famous German-Jewish poet who lived in Düsseldorf for a long time before going to Paris. His poems are simply wonderful.

Where should we head to after Düsseldorf?

You may wish to see Cologne with the famous Gothic cathedral (just a 30 min train) or even go to Amsterdam which is only 2 hours away (again by train)!

P.S. All the pictures are kindly provided by Karl-Heinz Limberg. Credit: Karl-Heinz Limberg.


On a visit to... Karl-Heinz Karl-Heinz Limberg Dusseldorf, Germany

KHL – that’s me (Karl-Heinz Limberg). I have been working in the tourism industry for many years. Tourguide, product manager for a tour operator, Director of a National Tourist Office and lately self-employed as a consultant for international destinations and hotels. I always loved to work in an international environment and I enjoy traveling (well, more for private reasons than for business ;-)). During my many trips to over 50 countries, I have received many inspirations. At the same time, I have been keen on learning about other things such as nutrition, yoga, natural treatments and better aging – anti-aging is bullshit since it is impossible, there is no way to avoid aging (other than dying young) but we certainly have options to live a great life even without being young anymore. I take care of myself, try to be in shape and enjoy life.




On a visit to...Karl-Heinz Limberg (Dusseldorf, Germany), www.omtripsblog.com

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