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4 places you must see in France

(BG) 4 места, които трябва да видите във Франция My first trip to a foreign country was to France. I’ve been studying at French language school for five years which was the other reason why I felt so special about everything French. Looking back to these days, I realize how many things have changed. In the end of the 90s and in the beginning of the…

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On a visit to… Tsvete Lyubenova Popp (Innsbruck, Austria)

Dear all, I hope you are doing well and you already have interesting plans for the summer time. We are still waiting for hotter days here in Bulgaria but this isn’t stopping us from having long walks outside and enjoying the greenery.   Talking about greenery we will visit the greenest city presented so far on the rubric “On a visit to…” – Innsbruck, Austria. We will have…

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On a visit to… Anna (Athens, Greece)

Blogging is about connecting! Well, today I would like to present you lovely Anna from Athens, Greece who is the author of the blog Aspects of style and with whom I’ve had some nice chat about travel. I found her blog and I just loved it – with all this amazing pictures and itineraries which she is sharing with her readers. I’ve never been to…

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