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Having fun at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey

This is America… in the summer … at the shore … but watch out for the tram car, please. Wildwood is the place where everyone keeps coming back each year for the fun or just for the family reunion. Morey’s Piers is the place that can give you everything you need to have a good time and forget your daily doings. From the morning to the…

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Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

Hello, dear bloggers! Om Trip Blog was nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award thanks to Cameron and his wonderful family from First Time Dadventure! The Sunshine Blogger Nomination is an award for bloggers from other bloggers and it is a great way to support each other. It is similar to Liebster Award, Om Trips Blog was also nominated for. Sunshine Blogger Award Rules: The Sunshine Blogger Award is given…

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Great locations for summer travel in Bulgaria

The summer dreams whisper in its simplicity – silence, good food and vitamin D. We have some great locations for summer travel in Bulgaria.  The southern Black Sea coast hides its magical places with virgin nature and the scent of pine and sea at the same time. All that makes the landscape looks charming. On the Black Sea, we’re going to get away from the…

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