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Atlantic City. Story in pictures.

Atlantic City, the city of gambling, of shopping, and much more… The 20’s are the golden ages of the city when the tourism reaches its peak when in some of the states there is a prohibition of alcohol, so-called dry counties. The alcohol and the gambling never stop and that attracts many tourists all around the States. This period is well described in the TV-series…

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The colorful Cape May, NJ

Traveling is my passion and one of the things that makes me really happy. I love all about plans, expectations, and all the lessons during this steps. But sometimes I leave behind all the agendas, all the plans, and I go with the flow. And if I’m pleasantly surprised, then the stories are even more colorful. During our four months stay in the U.S., we…

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Om Trip 2

September. In my mind, this time of the year is calm, peaceful, nostalgic and romantic. In the end of our stay in the States, everything began to color in different shades. We had plenty of time to relax, to get some rest after the endless shifts, and to concentrate on planning our trips. We enjoyed going to the beach, walking around Wildwood and saying goodbye…

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