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Walk in Washington, D.C.

As much as Washington may seem boring to its citizens and as many negative traits it might have as the administrative capital of the USA, the city still attracts a lot of tourists each year. It attracted us, too. It’s true that we remained only in the city center and it’s also true that we succeeded to see only the main tourist sights, but, however,…

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Washington, D.C. So many museums, so little time.

Washington, D.C. So many museums, so little time! Maybe Washington is the city with the longest list of free museums after London. But wait… I haven’t finished with the good news. Many of the free museums are located between Independence Ave and Constitution Ave which means that they are all within walking distance. That sounds great, right? You are surrounded by museums, galleries, archives –…

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The streets of Philadelphia

Let’s change our latitude, shall we? We will travel from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. If you’re staying on the East coast, you simply should visit the old American capital and the historic city of brotherly love – Philadelphia.   Let's plan our one-day trip to #philadelphia 🙂 Are you ready? #omtripping #omtripsblog #thepeaceisinsideus — Om Trips Blog (@omtripsblog) October 26, 2015 You can visit the…

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