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Motorcycle Week in Wildwood, NJ 2010

Hello, everyone! While selecting the pictures for today’s post I realized how much time has passed since our four-month stay in the States. Lots! And a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. This is exactly the reason that when I wondered what to write about and how to express the emotion of the day I couldn’t. Maybe the pictures will speak for…

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New York in three days

After visiting New York we understood why people love this city so much, and we also understood why many people hate it. Cities like this teach us to overcome so many things, even ourselves while at the same time teaching us not to take everything seriously and to appreciate the little things in life better. While being lost in the sea of people you can still…

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American summer or what to do in Wildwood, NJ?

For sure, Wildwood is not one of the famous places for the Europeans. Have you ever heard of it? (if you have visited Wildwood, please leave a comment with your impressions). Maybe you’re wondering, why I should write a post about Wildwood? Well, for us maybe is barely known but for the Americans is not. Many people in the U.S. have wonderful memories of the…

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