Great locations for summer travel in Bulgaria

The summer dreams whisper in its simplicity – silence, good food and vitamin D. We have some great locations for summer travel in Bulgaria. 

The southern Black Sea coast hides its magical places with virgin nature and the scent of pine and sea at the same time. All that makes the landscape looks charming. On the Black Sea, we’re going to get away from the city noise, to recharge of the power of nature and listen to the waves and the wind in the branches of the high pines. Usually, we do that many times during the summer. We go to the seaside on the weekends when the city greets us. For a couple of years, we have a binding route to the south, which marks the beginning of the summer and sometimes the end of it. Here are our om stops:


I will frankly say that I’ve started camping 3 years ago. Until then, I’ve had goosebumps just thinking to sleep in a tent, in a woods, etc. I did not even get the idea of sleeping under the sky because of the number of prejudices. All this broke up after I’ve spent my first night out. Then I’ve realized how cozy and comfortable the stay in nature can be. After three years of camping, we are a bit more ready with the all necessary things. We can have a nice and warmer night in our own hotel with a billion stars. Since the summer camping is no longer a mirage, I can say that I would not replace it with anything else.

Camping Dolphin

For the third summer in a row, we are going to Camping Dolphin, located just before Ahtopol. The campsite offers caravans, bungalows and a special place in a pine wood for tents. The campsite is well-maintained with bathrooms, heat water, etc. There is also a shop where you can buy almost everything you need, sometimes even some snacks. In the evenings you can light a fire and make a barbecue for dinner. Camp managers are always there if you need something. Very friendly people, I can say! We often sit at the beach bar (which has a good menu at affordable prices) on a morning and we slowly sip the first coffee. 

The days and hours here are passing differently. We have a wonderful sea view when in the morning the sun timidly caressing the earth and the wind gently passes through the pines. The beach is wilder and not so crowded, although there are more people in some of the peak summer days. 

Restaurant Старци и Разбойници

The sunny days on the beach exhaust everybody. Our company never misses a nutritious dinner in an awesome, boutique-style restaurant in Varvara “Старци и Разбойници”, less than 4 km away from the campsite. In the yard, under the walnut trees, we always enjoy the truly memorable rosé. Among the specialties, you should not miss the homemade bread, the cheese and walnut dip, or the pork knuckle. All of this in addition to the good mood, friends, and smiles of the positive team of “Старци и Разбойници” makes your stay there unforgettable. Advice: Do not forget to book a table before you go, this place is always full.

Bar “Koraba”

After the dinner, we are ready for some cocktails and magical sea view (if it is not too dark, already), so we are heading to Sinemorets to visit the famous bar “Koraba”. Enjoyable music, delish cocktails, bar Koraba is a place where you always meet friends and have the feeling that there is no hurry to go.

Soon you can expect second om summer trip. I’ll show you more favorite places to eat and travel on the Black Sea coast. I am sure that you already feel the wind in your hair and salt on your skin and you are trying to shake off your everyday thoughts.

Where do you like to relax on the southern Black Sea coast? Share your thoughts in the comment section below 🙂 

Om summer itinerary,


Om summer itinerary,


  1. Cassandra August 30, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    Bulgaria looks like a fantastic place to visit. Adding it to our bucket list 🙂

  2. Tracy @ Cleland Clan August 30, 2018 at 1:00 am

    What a beautiful area! I didn’t expect the water of the Black Sea to be so clear.

  3. kat August 29, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    Who knew Bulgaria has so many pretty beaches! This has definitely opened my eyes!


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