Hey, you! Namaste! We are so pleased you’re here. Perhaps you want to get in touch with us, right? Do not hesitate to do this because it is always better to communicate tête-à-tête, don’t you think?

Feel free to drop us a line and share your thoughts, ask us any question, leave us a comment, or if you want just to say “Hi!”. We are always open to chat with you about yoga, travel, or photography (or something else you have in mind :))

But maybe you want to present to us an interesting initiative, idea, or project and start a fruitful partnership with us? If so, we are expecting your e-mails or messages on social media.

We will do our best to answer everyone in short period of time with a positive attitude and a smile.


Оm, Om!
Moni and Dido

E-mails:, if you want to get in touch with Moni, if you want to get in touch with Dido









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