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Great locations for summer travel in Bulgaria

The summer dreams whisper in its simplicity – silence, good food and vitamin D. We have some great locations for summer travel in Bulgaria.  The southern Black Sea coast hides its magical places with virgin nature and the scent of pine and sea at the same time. All that makes the landscape looks charming. On the Black Sea, we’re going to get away from the…

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At Home!

Sofia-London-Lisbon-London-Sofia. At home! After having traveled over 7,000 km. on a 10-day journey, after 5 different airports, 4 flights, after some sunny and rainy days, we’re already at home! And now it’s the time for some routine work after the travel – unpacking, storytelling, memories, realizing what we’ve experienced, what we’ve passed through, what we’ve seen, and how we’ve changed. Because for sure each travel…

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16 August // Om Trip 1

(BG) 16 август // Om trip 1 The idea to create a blog came spontaneously to me on a fine summer morning while I was having my second coffee. Having made this decision, I started researching, organizing, planning… And so, little by little, I came up with the overall visual concept. I thought up a name, and then Dido and I worked on the visual…

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