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On a visit to… Lenka Minarikova aka zgung (Vienna, Austria)

Have you seen Elizabeth Gilbert’s video “The curiosity-driven life” where she talks about the two types of people – the hummingbirds and the jackhammers? If you haven’t you can listen to this podcast instead. (I couldn’t find the video, maybe it is removed, sorry). Why am I sharing all this? Because I was super impressed by what she said and it resonates with my vision…

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On a visit to… Tsvete Lyubenova Popp (Innsbruck, Austria)

Dear all, I hope you are doing well and you already have interesting plans for the summer time. We are still waiting for hotter days here in Bulgaria but this isn’t stopping us from having long walks outside and enjoying the greenery.   Talking about greenery we will visit the greenest city presented so far on the rubric “On a visit to…” – Innsbruck, Austria. We will have…

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