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On a visit to… Anna (Athens, Greece)

Blogging is about connecting! Well, today I would like to present you lovely Anna from Athens, Greece who is the author of the blog Aspects of style and with whom I’ve had some nice chat about travel. I found her blog and I just loved it – with all this amazing pictures and itineraries which she is sharing with her readers. I’ve never been to…

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3 comic book stores you must visit

I don’t know about you but as a child raised during the socialist times in Bulgaria, I was totally hooked when the Micky Mouse’s comics get popular in my country. This was one of my favorite things to buy when I was a little girl and I’ve couldn’t wait to read more about the adventures of Donald Duck, Uncle Scruz, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. I’ve…

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6 inspirational yoga accounts on Instagram and Youtube (part 2)

Namaste, all! It’s time for yoga! But when it isn’t? After the first list of yogis who I recommended you to follow on the social medias as YouTube and Instagram, the new six are on their way. I know that maybe this kind of list are boring but for me, they are helpful and they inspire through the whole journey. I promise you that once you see…

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