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Our intention when starting Om Trips was to create a diary of our trips around the world. However, like with most of the things in our lives, we don‘t know where this will lead us. Who knows, maybe, the blog will get to be more than just a diary? We’re looking forward…


Om Trips Team in Barcelona, Spain
Om Trips Team in Barcelona, Spain

About us.

We are two Bulgarians – Stanislava and Dian, or Moni and Dido as our friends call us. We’ve been traveling around the world since 2010 and we’ve made a long list of the amazing places we’ve visited. We’re а dream team, and here’s why:

In Barcelona, Spain
In Barcelona, Spain


“I’ve inherited the passion for traveling and my adventurous spirit from my father who has traveled a lot during his lifetime. My everyday life is filled with the things I love the most – history, culture, and art. I am a historian and an organization freak. A year ago I found yoga and ever since it’s been my lifestyle. My role is to get the blog up and running. Namaste!”

Buzludzha, Bulgaria
Buzludzha, Bulgaria


“I am an open-minded person with a lot of interesting hobbies, love the sports and extreme experiences. I am an engineer with a degree in economics, but currently, I am working on various graphic and photographic projects. I love good food and I am a fan of everything beautiful. I undertook the graphic visualization of the blog and all the pictures on Om Trips are mine.”

Why do we travel?

We’re fascinated by all new places, different cultures, and their colors. The unknown doesn’t scare us at all. We love to meet new friends and to get inspired by them. That gives us a sense of life and you will see that in the posts to come.

What will you find here?

We will try our best to describe our trips through a different perspective. Besides, we will write about the things we love and shape our personalities in the way we are today. With all this, we want to inspire you to follow your dreams and to find the little things in your own everyday life that make you happy. We are sure that for the most of the places there is already a lot of information, but our philosophy is that to see a different point of view is always enriching. So let’s start packing and get ready for Om Trips.

Why did we choose the name Om Trips?

What does “Om” mean? Om is a mantra or a vibration which is usually used to denote the beginning or the end of the yoga sessions. It is often defined as the sound of the Universe, its motion. Nature isn’t static, it constantly vibrates and all this is defined by a single sound – Om. By pronouncing it, we are swept along in this cosmic voyage. (source: http://www.yogajournal.com/article/beginners/yoga-questions-answered/). The English word trip means – “a going from one place to another; a journey” (source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/trip). The combination Om Trips shows what traveling means to us, the combination of the most important – meaning, inspiration, happiness, development.

And what about you?

But enough about us… What about you? Take a look around; make yourself at home. And don’t forget to leave a comment or contact us via every possible way – social media, email, we will appreciate any feedback.

©OmTrips All photographs, illustrations, and graphic designs are Om Trips originals unless otherwise indicated. 



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